Clubs and Competitions


If you enjoy drinking fine quality beer in large quantities then the North Star Sail Mug Club is for you.  The NSSC Mug Club consists of our clubs true beer enthusiast whose main purpose is to share their love of the fine malted beverages and choose the clubs selection of our finer beers.  

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Wine Society

 If house wine chosen for its price point and not by its bouquet, year or growing region makes you sad, we have just the club for you.  The North Star Wine Society is a group of wine lovers and connoisseurs, dedicated to what the finer wines have to offer.  Sure there’s Ernest and Julio, Bota Box, or even Woodbridge; fine wines in the own right, but what about fabulous wines from the Bordeaux region of France, temperate mountains of Italy, or the valleys of Napa California?   If you would like to drink the wines you enjoy and share your experiences with other enthusiasts, become a Wine Society member.

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Whiskey Crew

If you're a fancier or the finer Whiskies from around the world, the Whiskey Crew is for you.  As with many yacht clubs and bars, the selection of Bourbons, Rye, Scotches and Straight Whiskies are limited to shelf space.  True we have Jim Beam, Bullet Rye and Dewars White Label behind the NSSC bar, but what about Islay single malts from Scotland or small batch Kentucky bourbons?  The Whisky Crew gives club members the chance to purchase finer whiskies from a huge selection and consume them on club premises.  If you would like to drink the finer whiskies and share your experiences with other enthusiasts, become a part of the Crew;  The Whisky Crew!

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Winter Activities

During the long winter months, we sailors get stir crazy.  When sailors get stir crazy, they come up with other ways to get together and talk about sailing at the club.  For that reason, we have a number of winter activities and competitions that keep us coming back to the club even though the water in the river is hard!  If you like bar sports, we have bi-weekly dart tournaments. If you’re a card shark, the Junior Sailors sponsor a bi-weekly euchre tournament or if you have neither inclination, on Friday’s the bar is open for TGIF at the club.  So there’s always something going on, come and enjoy North Star Sail Club all year round.