Why Join North Star Sail Club

Love of Sailing – The wind, the water, the challenge, the quiet, the beauty, the great lakes, exploration
Comradery – Sharing that love of sailing with fellow sailors, competition, setting sail with friends, sharing experiences, socializing
Amenities – A place to keep your boat, a club house for gathering, beautiful views, storage
History – Our club has made innumerable contributions and played an important role in the sailing community in and around Lake St. Clair for 70 years.


Membership Overview

Senior - If you’re looking for all the benefits and reciprocal privileges that a North Star Sail Club membership affords, the senior membership is for you.  Full voting rights, full club usage, the ability to rent a well within the club marina and a vested interest in the club.
Intermediate – For the young sailor under 35 who’s not afraid to work a little more at the club for lower annual dues, then look to the intermediate member.  You have the same rights as a senior member, but you’ll be required to put in 24 work hours instead of just the 12 work hours.
Junior – Young and looking to join NSSC, why wait.  NSSC offers a membership designed for you.   The Junior membership gives you the opportunity to become a part of the NSSC tradition and begin the journey.
Social – But if you’re just looking to join NSSC and be a part of the fun, the Social membership is right for you. 


Memberships at a Glance

Types of Memberships at a Glance
  • Senior 
  • Social
  • Intermediate
  • Junior
Membership Privileges

All members
  • Participation as all NSSC Activities and Functions
  • Use of the Club House and it’s Facilities
  • Reciprocal privileges with other Yacht or Sail Clubs
Junior Member
  • Age 14 to 27
  • Accrues partial seniority
Social Membership
  • Voting rights
Intermediate Membership
  • Age 21 to 35
  • Voting Rights
  • Seniority accrues
  • Well use rights
  • Cannot hold office
Senior Membership
  • Vested interest in the club
  • Voting rights
  • May hold club office
  • Seniority accrues
  • Well usage rights
  • Option to elect Non-Resident or Associate status

Membership Fees and Dues

Junior Member
  • Initiation Fee
    • 14 – 18  -  $25
    • 19  -  26   -  $50
  • Annual Dues  -  $25
(Junior members moving to Intermediate or Senior membership may apply their dues paid up to $200 towards the first years cost of membership initiation fees)

Intermediate Member
  • Application Fee  - $25  (non-refundable)
  • Initiation Fee   -  $50  (non-refundable)
  • Certificate of Indebtedness -  $200
  • Annual Dues  -  $240
(Intermediate members moving to Senior membership may apply the initiation fee of $50 towards the cost of their Senior initiation fee)
Social Member
  • Application Fee  -  $25  (non-refundable)
  • Initiation Fee   -  $200  (non-refundable)
  • Certificate of Indebtedness -  $200
  • Annual Dues  -  $360
Senior Member
  • Application Fee  -  $25  (non-refundable)
  • Initiation Fee   -  $800  (non-refundable)
  • Certificate of Indebtedness -  $200
  • Annual Dues  -  $800
  •  (The first years total of $1,800 may be paid in 4 payments spread over one membership year)

Work Hour Commitments:

Application Process

Interested in being a member? Great !  Please click here to download an application and then print it from your own computer or printer. Please complete all sections on the application, enclose a check for the application fee of $25 and mail the application and the check to NSSC club, attn: Membership Director. The Membership Director will contact you shortly and tell you more about the club, the application process and get to know you a bit.  If you have a friend at the club please let us know so they can sign your application and tell everyone that you are coming. If you have a boat or are thinking about one please note it your application as well.  It's just that easy!