Welcome to NSSC

Welcome to North Star Sail Club.  I’m Commodore Jim Rodgers.  NSSC is a member run and maintained club whose primary goal is to enjoy sailing and the comradery of fellow boaters through activities both on, and off the water. Our family orientated membership covers a broad spectrum of boaters who all share a common love of the water and the great outdoors with a sharp focus on Sailing.

Most of our marina is on the Southern bank of the Clinton River in Harrison Township Michigan and situated around our clubhouse providing a leisurely 15-minute boat ride to access great freshwater sailing in, Anchor Bay, Lake St Clair, and over the horizon. We also have a more secluded marina, directly across the road from the clubhouse, which takes you on a peaceful journey through a safe harbor lagoon, and then past Metro Beach Park, which leads directly into Lake St. Clair.

We also provide great social gathering areas like our outdoor kitchen, picnic areas, and bonfire pit. We are a first rate, 109-boat slip marina and member run clubhouse. Our 120-person capacity clubhouse has a fully stocked member accessible bar, a full service kitchen with an in house caterer, and an outdoor tent to expand the occupancy capacity of our facilities. Find out more about our beautiful facilities, click here.

There is always something happening at NSSC. The sailing season here is from the beginning of April on through the end of October with plenty of racing depending on your skill and interest level. Our active Race Committee has organized weekday and weekend club, and invitational racing. Our Cruising Committee hosts monthly cruising events, and our energetic Social Committee has home, and away events throughout the year. NSSC is also a proud sponsor and promoter of a very recognized Jr. Sailing organization, North Star Junior Sailing.

Our founding father's primary goal was to keep the sport of sailing affordable. We continue that mission today with competitive dockage and storage rates, and a variety of affordable membership options. Be sure to visit the membership information page on becoming a NSSC member.  Also, check us out on our Facebook page and then come join us and make your summers, and winters fun and adventurous for the whole family! 

Thanks for visiting.

Jim Rodgers

Meet the Bridge

Vice Commodore
Brad Rohloff

Rear Commodore
Jim Twigg

Fleet Captain
Hermann Ball

North Star Club Manager

Amanda Basic is the Club Manager at North Star.  Her regular office hours are Monday / Tuesday / Thursday / and Friday from 9AM to 4:30PM.  She can be reached, by phone, at 586-463-2192.

Meet Our Club Officers and Directors


Mike Koch

The Treasurer is an officer of the Club along with the Secretary and the Four Flag Officers.  Responsibilities include collection, preservation, and disbursement of all Club funds; leading member of the Finance Committee and budget preparation; and to prepare financial reports, including State and Federal, and to report year end status to the members.  


Melissa White

The Secretary is an officer of the Club as well.  Responsibilities include recording the minutes of all business meetings by the Board;  maintaining the Club's business correspondence;  notifying members of business meetings and elections.

Outside Maintenance Director

Mike Dooley

Outside Maintenance Director is responsible for the Club grounds and docks,  He appoints the Yard Captains and Chairs the Mooring committee.  He coordinates Contracted services; wet and dry storage; Water systems and outdoor projects.

Inside Maintenance Director

Marty Wykes

Inside Maintenance Director reports to the Vice-Commodore -  is responsible for maintenance and care for the interior of the Clubhouse and Bar.

Social Director

Kellie Guinan

Kellie Guianan - Social

Social Director reports to the Vice Commodore - Planning, coordinating, and often running the many social programs and celebrations at the club.

Membership Director

Judy Ball

Judy Ball - Membership

Membership Director report to the Rear Commodore - responsible for maintaining the official membership count; engaging in all facets of the club membership process - from new member application, review, and approval by the board to level of membership changes.

Communications Director

Ben White

Communication Director reports to the Rear Commodore and is responsible for the Monthly Tell Tale, Web Site and Wi-Fi management, Zoom session operation when needed; and security systems maintenance.

Race Chairman

James Baker

Race Director reports to Rear Commodore - Plans, prepares, and runs the racing program at the club.  This includes all facets of the Race Committee; vessel handicapping systems; race results, and flags.

Director of Junior Sailing

Ian Pouliot

Junior Sailing Director is an important program at North Star.  The organization is a full 501 C3 non-profit entity, titled "North Star Junior Sailing".  The program runs during the summer between June and August, inviting all candidates age 8 to 18.  Call the club at 586-463-2192 for more information or to enroll.

Immediate Past Commodore

Ralph Templin

Immediate Past Commodore is a full voting member of the board; is a member of the Long Range Planning Committee; maintains liaison with the ABYA (Anchor Bay Yachting Assoc); coordinates the Commodores Ball; and is responsible for maintaining club history.